About JoAnn Schauf

About JoAnn Schauf

JoAnn SchaufAs a school counselor for twenty years and the mom of four, JoAnn knows first hand the challenges and demands of being a parent. From arguments about technology, power struggles getting to yes, and push back on chores, parents feel frustrated. Yet, she sees their belief in their children, tremendous influence, and passionate commitment to raising remarkable kids.

At the same time, she understands how vexing and exasperating being an adolescent is. Living in a changing body with new abilities and intense emotions is as scary one day as it is exciting the next.

Her mission is to give you perspective, insight and a huge boost in your most meaningful journey: raising your wonderful child. She empowers parents and educators to connect, understand, and harness their leadership to inspire tweens and teens to thrive. This happens because of the connectedness of relationship. JoAnn unties mystery and opens magic making life remarkably better!


A dynamic speaker, JoAnn’s gives workshops that invite and inspire parents to engage in fresh skills and strategies to connect better with their adolescent. Schools, churches and community centers host her.


In this safe and collaborative environment, parents are encouraged and challenged to transform their future. They learn to be the leader their adolescent follows and admires. The first session is always free.

Professional Training

JoAnn uses story telling, experiential activities, videos, and lecture to motivate and engage learners. Because of the quality of the design, the content is readily absorbed and easily applied back on the job.

Professional Groups

  • Texas Counseling Association Conference
  • Texas Middles School Association


  • Lewisville Independent School District