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Can you identify with these problems?

  • You get one word answers?
  • You battle over technology and chores?
  • You feel frustrated and ignored?

If the answer to any of these is YES, sign up for a FREE Coaching Conference.

Let's talk about your connection with your tween or teen. I can help you make it better!

       Investing in yourself is the best action you can take. You are worth it. Your child is worth it.

Coaching begins with a free 30-minute Coaching Conference

Guarantees and Expectations

Joann coaching a mother

Guarantees from JoAnn

  • To be listened to and unconditionally accepted
  • To be challenged and held accountable for making changes
  • To grow in a safe, nurturing, and confidential climate

Expectations from You

  • Commit to the process and be honest
  • Embrace that changing is challenging
  • Believe that you have the power to create something new

Coaching begins with a free 30-minute Coaching Conference

Mom and pre-teen daughter in conflict

“Like many of my friends, I struggled to find ways to approach my 7th grader. Nothing I did seemed to help; I felt stressed all the time. I read books and looked at blogs. It was from JoAnn’s personalized coaching, that I learned how to talk and listen differently. I changed my approach and now Kelly trusts me and our rapport is easy. I feel in control and love it!"

Great things happen when we work together.

  • You'll recognize the obstacles that hinder a positive relationship.
  • You'll replace negative habits with positive strategies.
  • You'll feel confident and proud of your transformation.

How we'll work together

Concerned parents and son

Who:  Moms and dads of tweens and teens

What:  We will have 30-minute weekly conferences. You'll have assigned homework. You'll have email access to me between sessions. We'll find the perfect package for you.

When: We will agree on a weekly time for our conferences. Day, evenings, and weekends are available.

Where:  We can meet face to face if you live in the Dallas area. Outside the area we'll talk or Skype.

Why: You'll boost your skills, understanding, and connection. You deserve to make your life more enjoyable and easier. You are a person of action and now is a critical time.

Let's begin now. Your child will never be younger.

Questions First

Teens messy room

“As a result of being coached by JoAnn, the contentious relationship between my daughter and me ended. I learned that it was me who had to take the high road and make changes. JoAnn’s challenges and encouragement motivated me. She believed in me. Now, I'm proud of the changes I've made, and  I look forward to spending time with her.”


Great things happen when we work together

  • You’ll achieve the connection and relationship you desire
  • You’ll replace your negative habits with positive strategies
  • You’ll increase your confidence and pride

The best coaching package for you

Confident mom and teen

Coaching Packages

Developed for parents seeking clarity in a specific area. The Starter Package is three half-hour sessions spread over one month.

Designed for parents wanting to establish a new template to optimize the connection with their child. The Growth Package has eight half-hour sessions spread over two months.

Aimed for parents who want to firmly establish new strategies and skills, and build a relationship with their child based on trust, respect, and love. The Success Package has twelve weekly half hour sessions spread over three months.

“Through being coached by JoAnn I learned how to be the kind of leader I knew I could. She taught me the techniques and I applied them with my two teenagers. This was life changing for all three of us. We actually have fun and know how not to go away mad when we disagree.”

Great things happen when we work together.

  • You’ll achieve the connection and relationship you desire
  • You’ll replace your negative habits with positive strategies
  • You’ll increase your confidence and pride as a parent

Parents JoAnn has coached say...

"JoAnn taught me how to design and build stronger relationships with my children based on respect, trust, and love. She challenged me in ways that increased my enthusiasm, energy, and empathy. The insights and strategies I acquired spill over into my relationships with my students, friends, and family. Life couldn't be better."


"I learned how to listen and communicate in positive and effective ways with my middle school and high school sons. Now our power struggles are few and my sons are doing well because of the changes I made. I'm the leader I always wanted to be. I appreciate JoAnn's coaching style."


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