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Parent WorkshopsEvery workshop available in Spanish

Do you feel frustrated with your adolescent because there is

Parenting Workshops for teens and tweens

  • too much drama?
  • too much time on devices?
  • too little interaction with you?

JoAnn's parenting workshops give you skills and strategies that strengthen the connection between you and your child. Say goodbye to trying "get" your adolescent to do things! You'll learn how to connect and build respect. Have fun learning with your friends.

Workshops are available in a single presentation or a series of two or three sessions.

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Look What's Coming!

5th graders are growing up and you need to be prepared for the transition!

  • Understand the three factors that make this age so challenging
  • Acquire specific communication skills for connecting better
  • Learn the language of leadership

Laugh and learn with your friends as you listen to stories, gain skills, and find that you are not alone in the struggle to raise your remarkable child. You will go home confident and ready to apply strategies that will change your life for the better!

After a recent workshop a parent said, “Using JoAnn’s practical tips on collaboration, daily rituals, and leadership has changed our relationship with our son for the better.”

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What Were You Thinking?

Discover tools to help you and your quirky, moody tween thrive!

  • Understand how the brain, puberty and the search for identity complicate your tween's life
  • Connect using empathy and understanding
  • Inspire responsibility, respect, and reliability

From this experiential and informative workshop, parents will be motivated to tweak their leaderships skills. Their confidence and pride empowers them build enjoyable relationships with their tweens. Say good bye conflicts and power struggles!

Two weeks after attending the "What Were You thinking?" workshop, Casey emailed JoAnn "I wish I'd known the secret to understanding my daughter sooner. I changed the way I talked to her. We get along so much better!"

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You did what with the car?

Yikes, your teen drives, dates, and wants to keep life a secret... I'll help you here!

  • Balance privilege and responsibility
  • Learn how collaborating strengths shared decision making
  • Understand risk taking and peer pressure

Parents will love knowing how to reduce conflicts by setting expectations. The fun is in the practicing, listening to the stories, and watching clips. The fruit is the joy at home!

The parent of a tween and a teen said "JoAnn explains things in a way that parents can fully grasp, take home, and make their lives better with their kids. JoAnn makes teenagers not so scary."

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A la Carte

Arrange a workshop for your group.

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Popular Speaking Topics

Communicating: Replace power-struggles and conflicts by building positive connections

“Did we just have that big fight over a tater-tot on the floor?”

  • Learning the language of collaboration
  • Understanding and embracing the quirkiness
  • Using empathy and listening

Emotions: Understanding, empathy and resilience

“Today was the Worst Day Ever”

  • Perception = reality
  • Resilience training 
  • The language of empathy

Social Media and Screen time: How did we get in this mess and solutions

“We can't blame Steve Jobs for everything.”

  • Gaining information about apps, sights, and dangers
  • Knowing what your child does online is your business
  • New operating system

Workshops are available in a single presentation or a series of two or three sessions. We will find the perfect fit for your group.

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What people are saying about JoAnn...

"It was so comforting that the parents at my table had some of the same issues with their tweens as I do with mine. I thought I was the only one. When I went home, I started using empathy like JoAnn taught us. It made my daughter realize I really did care about her. We hardly ever have a problem, now. Every mom and dad of a tween should go to JoAnn’s workshops."

Jennifer, parent

"JoAnn shared with our parents what they should expect as their child enters middle school. The parenting and leadership strategies are invaluable."

Sean Perry, Principal, Homestead Elementary School

"JoAnn explains things in a way that parents can fully grasp, take home, and make their lives better with their tweens/teens. JoAnn makes teenagers not so scary!"

Stephanie, Parent

"JoAnn Schauf is a dynamic speaker who uses experience and humor to equip parents for the tween years. She teaches strategic parenting so we and our tweens can do more than survive middle school."

Jamie, Parent

"JoAnn was fantastic! I liked how she packed a lot of main points and tips in her concise presentation. Plus, she's just an engaging speaker."

CFBISD Counselor

"JoAnn's presentation, "Coaching Parents to be Better Leaders," used engaging and real life examples that equipped our counselors with practical coaching strategies useful in resolving conflicts."

Pam Geisinger-Sandy, MS, LPC-S, Counseling Specialist, CFBISD

"The useful group activities, great clips from Ted Talks, and inspiring stories about experiences in the past as a counselor wove her massage that parenting leadership makes all the difference in families."

Texas Counseling Association Participant

Your Tween & You workshops have been hosted by

  • Frisco ISD and PTAs
  • Lewisville ISD and PTAs
  • Plano ISD and PTAs
  • Richardson ISD and PTAs
  • St. Ann, Coppell, TX
  • St. Gabriel, McKinney, TX
  • St. Joseph, Richardson, TX
  • St. Mark, Plano, TX
  • St. Philip, Flower Mound, TX
  • First United Methodist Church Coppell
  • Flower Mound YMCA
  • Young Men's Service League
  • Rotary Clubs: Irving and Flower Mound

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